Syllabus Summary

Syllabus Addendum, Fall 2019 and Spring 2020

Success Keys

-          No Cell Phones – that is, outside social connecting during class – is permitted. Please turn off notifications.

-          Do the readings as assigned. Most importantly, reflect on what is expressed.

-          If you arrive late or leave early without explaining extenuating circumstances, it is the same as absence.

-          Playing on a sports team? I need paperwork and your coach’s name.

-          You need not explain absences to me. All cases of absence are marked the same. At the end of the semester, you are given a “pass” for up to three absences depending on personal attendance trends. You and I will consult personally about your grade anytime you want to discuss it. If something happens in your life necessitating a string of absences, please tell me.

-          If you disagree with any grade, please submit in tactful, clear, written detail what the problem is, and suggest a resolution.

-          I MAY at my discretion offer extra credit opportunities for students of the class, but bear in mind that an excellent report or presentation given at the end of the semester cannot completely make up for numerous absences from class throughout the semester. Strive for consistency.

-          If you miss a quiz or assessment of any kind, I cannot offer make-up opportunities. However, I will, at the end of the semester, give you credit for one or more of them depending on your performance, behavior, and contributions to the class. Share what you know, and ask questions, too.


Be firm with yourself, focused, fair and consistent, and you should do well here. I enjoy our courses and hope you will, too.