PMI Certification - What You Need To Know

Overwhelmed by PMBOK/Knowledge Requirements to Pass PMI Exams? Here's your answer.

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The PMI Exam Is Changing on July 1, 2020 - Here's Why.

Project management professionals need more diverse skills and approaches than ever before. The PMP is evolving just like the profession – and the new exam will focus on three new domains:

  1. PEOPLE – emphasizing the skills and activities associated with effectively leading a project team
  2. PROCESS – reinforcing the technical aspects of managing a project
  3. BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT – highlighting the connection between projects and organization strategy

Content that spans the value spectrum, including predictive, agile and hybrid approaches, will be included across the three exam domains. The best way to understand what is included in the exam is to review the updated Exam Content Outline.

Expect to see:

More approaches to delivering outcomes. The exam will cover both predictive (approximately 50%) and agile/hybrid (approximately 50%) approaches to project management.

***Past students: If you are sitting for the CAPM or PMP Exam, let me know via email.
I'll try to ensure you are as prepared as possible to meet your goal, though it is up to you to study hard.
A few of my students have passed the PMP as undergrads; your work history determines your eligibility sit for the PMP and related professional exams. ***



The Current Exam is based on the SIXTH EDITION OF PMBOK

This section is for those of you studying specifically to sit for a PMI Exam. It is not easy - and it requires hours of self-directed study. This textbook is designed to help you clear the exam and is optional. It is an outstanding reference throughout your career. Be sure you get the FOURTH EDITION OF MY TEXT RECOMMENDATION, which covers the SIXTH Edition PMBOK.

A visual of the 6th Edition Changes is here.



Additional Resources to Help You Clear the Exam

PMI exams don't measure your experience in running projects. (You DO need to draw on those experiences to account for hours spent, so you can qualify to take the exam.)   These exams measure what you have retained of the PMI Project Management Body Of Knowledge, period. 

 If you belong to PMI as a student member you get a discount on the exam, which is proctored, an it can now be taken at SSC. has all the information you need; if you take it after leaving Chico State, there are plenty of Prometric options available convenient to where you are. It's a global standard and the testing conditions are strict.


Critical path and float explained.docx (140255) --> This will help you understand the explanations of critical path and float. You absolutely must know this for CAPM.