Your Assignment for the day I will be absent (Feb 17)

02/10/2020 18:25

Assignment:  February 18th is the Deadline for the Deliverable, BUT You Can Submit Earlier via email at with the subject line 489e Analysis.  No credit for late submissions.

1) Watch the video below

Just a Routine Operation is a video that is clearly “about” one set of circumstances, but the lessons are profound for all quality-minded project managers.  As a project manager, please address yourself to the following, with as much specificity as you can:

  1. How many of the 10 PMBOK knowledge areas are represented in this clip? Explain your answer for each. In other words, why is Project Integration Management important to the success of this scenario?
  2. Why did this team fail profoundly on so many levels? How does this tragic situation extrapolate to the world of project management, which quantifies and embeds the notion of “quality” in everything it undertakes?


2) Assigned Readings : What problem are you trying to solve? – prepares you for our upcoming challenge set


Review: The Most Underrated Skill in Management.docx (251635) - bote particularly the highlights. This material will find its way to Mid-term!

We will also discuss a bit more about Monday's role play, and how team motivation is an often neglected aspect of team management - and a PM responsibility.


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