When Chaos Hits, What Do PMs Do? - ASSIGNMENT

03/19/2020 12:57

First, I'm so sorry you all have this stuff to deal with on top of the usual.  Fortunately I'm confident we can find a way to give youthe experiences you need to hone your skills. When classes are technically "back in session in an entirely unplanned for way", have a look at the following attachment.  We can name this challenge "the case of barely controlled chaos."

I am going to let you do this by yourself, or in groups. I do ask that you make one submission per person OR team Or Group. I am going to assign 30 points to this, and may do some force-ranking. So you decide if working with others is going to help or hinder you.

Simply read the challenge. Submit your responses to me no later that Saturday, March 28th.  Email: lclark-borre@csuchico.edu.

Please put the following in the Subject line: 489e submission. 

A word of advice: remember OODA.  Watch out for red herrings, and keep your eye focused on details, like what we already covered in class.


The Case of the Disorganized Medical Office.docx (15163)

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