What Does an OPPM Approach Look Like for Multi-Project Tracking?

02/22/2018 14:34

If you do a little research on OPPM methods, you will find many examples of how PMs use this as a tool for organization and communication. With experience, and depending on the size of the project, you may feel the need to skip planning with such detail. However, I recommend the practice as a good exercise in assumptions testing.

1. Remember that plans benefit from team/stakeholder input at all times; however the plan changes should be under control of ONE person, the plan owner, who is responsible to making the changes and maintaining versions. I promise you, someday you will see the value of keeping early and all versions of plans - if you don't already.

2. Below is an example of a one-pager that keeps track of multiple ongoing projects for a firm. As you review it, remember that this is for the benefit of the PMO "Director" or "Lead"  overseeing a variety of projects led by others. Something like this could work if you were in charge of a group doing multiple projects. Smartsheets enable you to adapt as needed, or simply make your own. Example of corporate utilization: Tracking multiple projects for a single product in a portfolio. Think R&D, Marketing, Sales, Production Flow, etc.



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