Weeks 6 & 7 : The Art of Assessing Complex Project Proposals: Where to Next?

02/21/2020 15:38

This week we will examine a case that represents the challenge of devising an approach to project initiation. You will consider notes from an initial meeting, which I will give you, and then decide if your team will accept the challenge, and under what conditions. If you decline to go forward, explain your rational in detail. If you choose to proceed...

You will need a detailed approach. 

You will work with a few cases and tools, to reinforce the lesson that the decision to move forward with a project is a decision to take seriously; and from there the point of ignition is crucial. 


G2G Part 2 - update.pptx (1976135)

Review G2G Lessons

 Distribution of a Helpful Packet o' Info to assist with complex project assessment.

Group quiz on PM basics, in case you are considering PMI exam

You are going to take on an experiential task Wednesday!







Let’s Make Toast Ex.pptx (432604) 






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