Weeks 7 & 8 - Project Ignition, Continuous Learning - And Unearthing Treasures

10/04/2019 12:17

We've discussed the continuing learning aspects of PM practice, including confident, sincere questioning. In the G2G case, we learned how important that "hidden" video was. In the language of PM, it was a key artifact, a part of the "enterprise's process assets." It was a symbol of the hopes and dreams of the CEO and a reflection of the good-heartedness underlying all the company's efforts, however imperfectly executed. It was a story of hope that provided the opportunity to develop a rock-solid corporate identity. I'll be sharing an article to show you how project management can turn into Strategic Project Leadership. Kimberly touched on that in her talk with us Friday (thank you!). The article I have to share will provide a template for optimizing a key initiative. 

I'll distribute various tools PMs apply to assess the "enterprise environmental factors" as well.

Actually, a good project is established from the start quite methodically. This week we go back to the beginning, as we review scope (and help with CAPM study), and look at charter and planning. Also - what is scope creep, exactly, and how does it emerge within a project framework?

Understand Scope Creep

Scope Fall 2013.pptx (88863)

scopevcharter.docx (14923) 

charter provides high level scope and sow provides business need.docx (92740)

Plan on a Page.docx (32084)    Resume Vs Plan on a Page.pptx (419268)

Charter Details.pptx (35884)    Project_Charter_Template (3).doc (102912)

 MDM Project Charter Template.xlsx (9416)




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