Weeks 5 & 6: Simultaneously Handling A Complex Project, the Sponsor, and Other Stakeholders

09/21/2019 15:41

Please remember there is no class on Monday, September 30th. There is an assignment. It involves this handy toolkit from the Harvard Business Review, that you will need to read in advance of producing a short paper DUE OCT 2. This effort supports PMI's most recent efforts, that of enabling the strategic capacity of PMs, who are, ultimately consultants. 

Having trouble with your stategy then map it (2).pdf (1 MB) 

You are asked to review the FOUR  elements of the Balanced Scorecard described by the authors, and identify one you think could be most important to the G2G CEO. For example, "Learning and Growth" or "Internal Processes" both seem to  be areas in which the company is deficient, especially in light of anticipated expansion.  This makes her organization imbalanced, as we have seen.  Suggest one or more projects that could help this CEO grow and maintain growth in the desired direction for her company. Do a write-up of your suggestion, typewritten, no more than one- two pages or ~500 words, on 1) the selected segment you want her to focus on and 2) your idea(s) on how to grow strength within that segment, within her compamy.  NO LATE PAPERS ACCEPTED. Must hand hard copy in OCTOBER 2. Ask questions about this paper no later than this FRIDAY. Be sure to have this professionally presented and not a slapdash effort. Thank you.



This week, we will tackle the problem case - G2G - in relation to mutiple Knowledge Areas. We'll hone our skills in addressing the key question: "What is the Business Problem You Are Trying to Solve?" We'll learn to coach, or "manage up, " and how to work with emergent information. We'll continue to find value in sitting patiently reflecting on a dilemma. We'll apply courage in questioning,and avoid planning so quickly that we worsen the situation by investing in the wrong areas.

Bring a copy of the KAs. Know the Triple Constraint aspects.

We'll also review the recent PM quiz, and Wednesday we are expecting a former student in class to talk about positions in his company.












G2G Part 2.pptx (1975094)

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