Week 9: Process Analytics, System Complexity, and Agile, Con't. - Tools for PMs

10/19/2018 12:23

There will be a lot to review this week. What is not covered in class, please review on your own time this week. It magically turns into homework. You should be reading every week's notes. please, in order to do well on the final. 

System Thinking Guide for Effective Project Management

Presented last week: Review https://www.drawtoast.com/if you missed Friday, and watch the embedded Ted Talk.  Understand prior weeks’ work before continuing. Have a look here: One Crucial Step Was Missed.pptx (968249)

Virtually all your case projects have required you to strategize to do something many general managers seem not very good at doing: articulating the details of a project and enrolling participants to work for the same goal. General managers may begin some sort of an initiative and hope for the best. Dedicated PMs understand that only in bringing together a disorganized, or disseminated group of people, can important work and outputs get done successfully.  This is called enrollment. It’s an offshoot of Blue Ocean Strategy and Leadership, which suits Project Management practitioners well. Today’s corporate PMs rely on many of its elements, as “old-school” traditional methodologies – referred to as “Red Ocean” - too often fail.  

Note this material is from the world-class International Business School, INSEAD. As I use many resources from this university, please read about what it is. Many international companies draw on its faculty for top-notch business advice, and send executives to their programs.

Please review the links above with care, as it contains info you will need to remember. Below, in the slide deck, is a mindmap of the differences between the two approaches to getting work done. Combined with Nelson Repenning’s advice: formulate a problem statement -   How does the proposed project fit into the overarching business mission? - plus the tools of traditional PM,  The Blue Ocean approach enables you to become an AGILE PM… the most desirable skill set there is in the Project Management world.

BlueOcean-Inquiries.pptx (781934)

Ask Better Questions - techniques

Watch this space for slides related to the case you will be working on Wednesday. -> ProcessAnalyticsInPM (1).pptx (1707729)






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