Week 8- More Professional PM Power Tools

10/14/2018 15:45

This week continues the emphasis on tools that enable us to apply our best thinking to project work at multiple levels.

We’ll also finalize teams and topics for the final presentation, and set the dates later on.

1. JPA Case Study Tool - 489E Mind Mapping Guide.docx (75444)

2. Process Analytics - Test Your Sequencing Capacity

3. Group Examples and Discussion

Mindmapping in Project Management: Rationale and Resources

Mind Maps for Complex Project Orientation.pptx (882985) - Examples

Project Management = Specialized Consulting Opportunity.pptx (1674130) 

Process Analytics: 489e Let’s Make Toast.pptx (432888)

Activity Sequencing: Toast - Activity Sequencing.pptx (275136)

This supports your prior PMBOK studies, and applies them to real world projects



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