Week 7- Mid Term on Wed, Prep, Team Topic Selection

10/06/2018 22:00

This week I'll let you in on what you can expect on the exam. If you have been reading and following along, you have nothing to worry about. At this point, I won't be offering answers from the podium, but you are free to discuss among yourselves. 

This week we will commit to team presentations at the end of the semester. With your team, you will be asked to address the following - the actual topic you take on is your choice. There are many options in a related tab on this site.

You and your team have been hired to move a growing company toward a more effective, projectized environment. The CEO, who has hired you all, wants you to introduce yourself to the rest of the company, played by your class audience.  He specifically asks: "Please offer them a relevant presentation so that they can learn what project management is and what it can do." He offers a list of suggested topics for you to address, (see tab at the top of the homepage). He also says you are free to choose another idea, but this is your chance to get the attention of the audience in a positive way. "But be careful," he warns. "I have a skeptic in the crowd who sometimes asks obnoxious questions...really be prepared to sell the idea that project management is an approach to invest in around here!"

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