Week 5: Managing Dynamic Elements in a Complex Project: A Hyperagile Approach

09/22/2018 23:55

At the 2010 PMI Global Conference, Dr. Tim Haslett proposed that Project Management and systems thinking overlap profoundly. “Surprisingly, project managers do not seem to use simple systems thinking tools, even though these provide unique benefits in framing and solving problems that arise from multiple perspectives and relationships.”

This week, we will be working on a case study that will helps us get used to analyzing a complex project from the start, and look closely at cues and clues that can help us decide first, if a project is worth taking on; and secondly, if it is, under what conditions it can succeed.

A student asked me an interesting question last week. Have I ever failed? I think my answer, and why I gave it, is a worthy discussion for newly minted Project Management Professionals, so I’ll share with all. You never know; someday an interviewer may ask you this very question.

Have You Ever Failed On a Project.pptx (4197993)

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