Week 4 - Jinxed From the Start :-( Avoid! Avoid!

09/13/2018 17:00

We read and hear all the time: the team didn’t work as well as it could have. A team disabled is a team that has to work doubly hard to overcome its challenges. 

Last week, we practiced pulling information out of team members to give you a tool to start a project with a sense of being in it together. Quick team alignments and a sense of being “all in” can change a die situation into a do. In factm real power exists when you can go even better and brand yourself as a team. This is what I was trained to do in specific situations. It works, if you want to become a visible agent of change throughout the company. 

                  -          I’ll show you how the work you did on allocating team members to tasks fits neatly into a helpful tool in a PM toolbox

-          We’ll learn a specific technique this week to help you overcome the challenge of a difficult team member.

-          We’ll review how to face up to a big, hairy, audacious project a sponsor puts in front of you by reviewing a situation in which I acted as PM consultant.

-          I’ll reach into my file of completed projects I and / or others have done, put one in front of you, and ask you what you would do first.

Let’s have fun! Relax into what your brain and your instincts already know to do.


489e Fall 2018 Team Allocation Practice.pptx (4140477)

Be Careful of Resentful, Rude, and/or Thoughtless Team Members - Monitor for Coerceive BehaviorsCoercives.docx (14418)

Methods: Presentation, Group Work, Discussion (DBT-DEARMAN and Situation Study)














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