Week 3: Perfect Team Management is a Myth. Here's What to Do.

09/07/2019 18:38

As I reviewed your comments in the survey you took first day of class, I saw what always turns up in terms of problems you have encountered. TEAM MANAGEMENT is, in fact a big concern. You aren't alone, or deficient, in any way if you named this as a problem. Politics, Emotions, Behaviors - these comprise the drama of human relations, and you cannot wish them away. Thus, even in firms where sophisticated projects are the order of the day, everyday, every  month, every year, constant attention is given to the manner in which team operate.

Who cares about "teamsmanship?" (Teamspersonship?) Responsible sponsors, managers, and team members. This is one of the paradoxes. Someone has to take control over poor team functioning, and yet, the team, to a real extent, decides what it shall be. Therefore, all play a role. All are obligated to help teams succeed.

Patrick Lincione is a premier thinker in this arena. We will  discuss his work on dysfunctional teams, important because it can literally make you sick to try to do important work while working with a toxic group. Besides the perpetrators, (usually there are one or two that tend to be problematic where teams aren't quite working), there are usually victims and bystanders, as we'll see. If this sounds like a bully situation - it can be.

Commit to being none of those three, and we will proceed to Advanced Professional Team Building together.

This week, I will distribute a practical tool as a sample for your reference. This is one of many tools conscientious PMs use to address the serious matter of team dysfunction.

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Wednesday is role play day.

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