Week 3 & 4: Advancing PM Strength and Skill

02/02/2020 10:59


As I review your skills inventories throughout the semester, please keep them in mind yourself-see if you can make the most of your strengths as you test your weaknesses. I am available, not only for observation, but for coaching. I will be direct with you.  For those taking the self-development aim very seriously, this is an app I use to help myself improve. I am not sure if it is available on android. apps.apple.com/us/app/impact-yourself-daily/id1151525099

For fun and enlightenment, here is sound advice on “self-actualization” from the late Bruce Lee, who was, as many know, a philosopher as well as a fighter.

We now move on to an exploration of PMI to see how this organization is adapting to changes in the workplace. Through this review, you will learn 1) what PM skills are important to employers today 2) how precisely to prep for a PMI exam 3) How a credential earns respect within the business community (some communities more than others) and 4) why an understanding of agile methodologies and frameworks is essential. I’ll also show you how a PMP keeps up her credential.

We will examine the project discovery process.  Without this thorough assessment of the multitude of factors surrounding complex projects and often overwhelmed sponsors, PMs are at risk of project failure. Before this month is over, we’ll face such a complex project, learning lessons many do not even think to ask.

We will also test our strengths and limits in understanding how charter is utilized by experienced PMs for key projects. We’ll explore the OPPM methodology and uncover its advantages. I’ll highlight a couple of very important terms that represent focal points in excellent discovery and planning: enterprise environmental factors and organizational process assets.  Related to projects, they help PMs perform discovery around their project, and assess risk far more accurately.

Check below for tools and additional materials as I discuss them.

scopevcharter.docx (14923)

Pm As Linchpin.pptx (470634)    Charter Details.pptx (35884)  

 Project_Charter_Template (3).doc (102912)

 MDM Project Charter Template.xlsx (9416)

charter provides high level scope and sow provides business need.docx (92740)

Plan on a Page.docx (32084)    Resume Vs Plan on a Page.pptx (419268)

Motivating teams to action when the situation is a cluster-mess and you are suppose to organize it:  Project-Goals-and-Objectives-9237.xlsx (62979) (another one for your tool kit)


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