Week 2: Perfecting Our Professional Aim

09/01/2019 20:39

Wednesday we will devote time to those pages you were asked to fill out. You will be invited to declare your unique characteristics to become familiar with them. Depending on how clearly the message about your skill set is revealed, we may do a group exercise designed to strengthen our voices and gain confidence. You have a future out there - Own it!

Friday, I'll introduce options to you to help you decide what sort of credentials, if any,  make the most sense for you now, and perhaps later. 

We will be reviewing the PMI website. There have been changes to the PMI mission and its tactics to ensure it remains the gold-standard in project management credentialing. You may find some surprises in store. I will answer all the questions I can for you, and point you in the direction of finding answers I may not have readily at hand.

Do some investigating on your own. Explore job search engines. Plug in CAPM as criteria. Then plug in PMP. Notice any difference?

Some students with much work experience (not necessarily as PM per se) may be eligible now, or in the near term, to sit for a PMP credential. Let's review updated rules. 

Pm As Linchpin.pptx (470634)

Cover letters can do more than simply introduce you.docx (13589)

A Copy of the Little Classic Book, As A Man Thinketh - Awesome self-development book

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