Week 2 Addendum Material Based on Feedback

01/27/2020 19:47

Excellent advice for PM (or any) job seekers; bottom line: People respond to how we are more than what we say. This same advice holds for excellent team management, and strong team playershttps://forge.medium.com/the-advice-that-changed-how-i-approach-every-interview-33628f06f4db  

Several of you mentioned "passive aggression," so I thought I'd share this list of "behavioral coersives." It is actually pretty vicious stuff at times. Coercives.docx (14390) If you have a team member exhibiting passive-agressiveness with any regularity, it can be quite toxic.

Discovery Insights is a tool that has replaces Strengthsfinders in many trendy companies today.

Here's a description of the Discovery Insights Model, which is also considered a leadership coaching tool.

Try this very quick game to see where this leads you in terms of insight into yourself. Use this to hone in on what your preferences appear to be. Do you agree? These tools are helpful in helping you to know your tendencies and describe them to others.
Maybe all you need is to look at the model itself:

Here's loads of personal insights on working with your "color"!


Try to convey your self knowledge with your resume - Cover letters can do more than simply introduce you.docx (13589)

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