Week 14: Student Management Teaching Opps

12/02/2018 12:53

This is my favorite time, when students take the role of instructor to reinforce "old" lessons or bring something new to class. The PM role everywhere is essentially a teaching, training, and collaboration - conducive role. It's one thing to learn tools and templates, it's another to put it all into practice with skill. You will do it - it all takes practice, but you will. Your time in this major will be well worth your effort.

In between presentations we'll do some role play, prep for the final scenario, and if possible, I would like to say more about crisis management. Throughout your lives and careers, you will occasionally find need of a balanced perspective and a basic set of principles that will help lead you lead others through intense challenges ahead. 

As the saying goes, "No crisis should go to waste."  Make it count for something valuable. Otherwise, it's just another disaster - be the person who can make some sense of it all.


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