Week 14 - Level Three Advanced PM Practice

04/20/2019 14:12

It was great to see so many of you at the Rebuilding Paradise community event! This placed you smack in the center of an array of choices needing to be made to rebuild Paradise sustainably. This week, we are going to discuss the responses of advanced PM practitioners. Always remember: Memorization and understanding teams is crucial to PM as a functional skill, but becoming a practictioner requires advanced thinking, expecially surrounding any project's alignment to an overarching goal. 

Monday we will review a few more thoughts about quality. Then we will take up the examination of risk in relation to business planning. 

5 Whys Training.pptx (909,2 kB) - A qualitative approach, using context of our disorganized medical office process analytic exercise - helps uncover hidden aspects that lead to persistent failures

Reviewing Project Risks.pptx (461,8 kB)

Project Risk-Ex Slides.pptx (266,4 kB)

CDC_UP_Risk_Management_Log_Template.xlsx (24,5 kB) RISKREGISTER.doc.docx (13,2 kB)

For your reference -> PM RISK MANAGEMENT (4).pptx (744 kB)

Business Project Planning.pptx (609,6 kB) -> A Business Project Plan with a Clear Qualitative Component - You may find this useful when you are in charge of organizing a project as team member, PM, or consultant

FYI- www.coverletter.us/project-manager-cover-letter/ - examples


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