Week 13 (I think) - Review and Study for Upcoming Assignment

04/11/2020 11:44

Hi all!  First, please open and read the document below, highlighting a few illustrative exchanges between me and those who put a lot of thinking into their KA assignment. Points of Note in the Pandemic Exercise for PM.docx (19841)  I am still working through many, so hang in there if yours isn't graded yet.

I am going to give your brains a rest this week, except for reading and prep. Nothing is due to me at the end of the week. I'll communicate again next weekend. 

I am leaning toward assigning an exercise, and perhaps even allow you some time til the end of the semester to complete it. It will likely be high point value, and I am going to be very careful about giving credit where it is due. I would rather make this high-value than not. It would be better than a traditional final for the course. I will explain more next week.  

The following tools will apply.  You will have studied these in PMBOK studies before, but I added material to refresh your memory. 

Copy of Copy of fishbone-cause-and-effect-diagram (1).xlsx (23,6 kB)  _ I filled this in, but you can use this tool yourself if you erase my notes. Save a version for your use. 
Forcefield Analysis (1).pptx (504,9 kB)  - great presentation by former students

You do not need to understand my business as CEO to see how I used forcefield analysis in an amended iteration to make a hard decision about divestiture of units:    ICF Change Force Field Analysis.xlsx (14 kB) THIS IS AN EXAMPLE

BORRE489GAPWKBK.docx (389232)   Very important: Review the GAP analysis workbook



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