Week 13 - Crisis Project Management

11/18/2018 21:21

We'll discuss the various elements of responding and organizing for recovery in difficult scenarios. Most pros are trained specifically for this, and once you have been through the experience, there are lessons that will help throughout your life and career. 

This week we consider:

1.       The challenges of managing a crisis project or mission

2.       The obstacles PMs face in encouraging use of their best tools and techniques

3.     The political challenges in large group settings

Answers to these and other important project management questions are found in this new podcast. It’s an excellent review of how working with people used to relying on their own strengths, and working with cliques of people, present as obstacles that can be managed – if you are the assigned PM.

Crisis Management: Applicable to Crisis PM       When Project Management IS the Crisis.pptx (1432511)

Types of Forcefield Analysis

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