Week 12 - Project Risk Management & MORE

04/03/2020 13:21

Assignment: Due April 10 - Note in Subject Line 489e

"If The Pandemic Were a Project and I Was the PM Advisor"

1. First, review the documentation below, about project Risk Management. 2. Then, consider the 10 KAs. 3. After each KA - ( do not attempt integration - see below) - list how each one is crucial to the management of the COVID 19 Crisis. Go ahead and brainstorm if that's best for you. I am looking for quality of thought, not a perfect plan.  I don't expect perfect answers, in fact I expect what you produce to be highly individualistic, as usual. I do expect some to achieve a very high mark in terms of impressive attempts to approach issues realistically. 

You can do this in any format you wish. The goal is to learn to approach chaos with the alignment that the KAs afford you as tools, understanding that formal approaches are all about risk management.

This assignment requires careful thought. Most of you already offer well-considered work, but if you do not, it's going to become obvious in this assignment. Excellence is available to those who are willing - and aren't too quick to get it over with.

In fact, just do nine (9) areas. I'll do a passable integration for you: "In my assessment as a PMP, Project Integration Management requires that nationally all states be adopting the same protective and behavioral  measures as everyone else. Conformity of approach is vital, as I learned recently crossing several state lines by car. Example: the Nebraska Governor made an outstanding appeal to his constituents to conform to measures he established as important. Whereas, the Governor of Iowa had established no standards of care during this crisis. Standards of this nature must be unified in order to effect the goal of national and global viral containment. 

What will be more difficult is the allocation of protective and life saving equipment...etc.

Again due April 10th 


Now, on to another KEY area for which pros are well prepared - so here we go, as we discuss another tool - the risk register - and its application.

In the second slide set, there is also some info on what to remember for PMI exams related to Project Risk Management.

Risk Register Basics.pptx (472972)



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