Week 11 - Where to Start in Project Analytics + New Assignment

03/28/2020 11:10

Please don't forget the submission due this Friday, April 3rd, described at the bottom of this section. Please put 489e Submission 4-3 in the subject line. Feel free to do as a team or group.

Keep reviewing your grade in case of errors on my part.

Good work on tackling the case of the disorganized medical office! Many found what I call the Easter eggs - the stuff that pops up that seems important, and occasionally IS very important - and the duds that surface because, though possibly significant later, are not things to get caught up in during project initiation or launch.

This is a straightforward case, unlike G2G. You'll want to have an early sense of budget and timeline expectations if they exist. You cannot change things overnight, and what if some sophisticated technology or expensive intervention, like new software, is in order? Thus, a carefully constructed charter becomes important. In the analytic phase of this project, you devise and work the plan only after you are able to agree more firmly on what needs doing - how much investment in time, money, and scope the practice is able to commit to. Plus- they need to pay you.  Capture all uncertainties as best you can in charter, then develop an actionable plan.

A note about "surveys" that some of you mentioned: A good survey is surprising difficult to design. Ask any PhD. So while surveys are a good idea throughout the project duration, and it's good to know that you realize how valuable they are, they are not yet part of early analytics. You can certainly note the possibility, however.

A note about the hiring some raised as a possibility: Way too early to even think about adding to payroll. I would not, however, reject this or any other idea down the line, once budget clarifies post-charter, and after you have analyzed process - that is, observe each and every person as they "make toast." This is why I introduced the toast-making exercise, with additional constraints (no letters or numbers.) I wanted you to get immersed in analyzing the process. So now, in this case, you immerse yourself in the dynamics of each person's process, and work with them to better understand how these processes fit into helping, or hurting, the overall dynamics of the practice.

What follows now is a document containing sections of your submissions that I affirm as excellent preliminary ideas. If I have not included yours, please know I am only able to fit a few here, and as of this writing, I have not yet graded them all. Thanks everyone. After you read this, continue on to the assigned homework (though we are probably all getting tired of "home" and work!)

Your Excellent Commentary and Approaches.docx (18851) 

When you are finished with the above, go on to this:

Review - Here We Go Into Project Quality Managment in the Initiating Phase - 5 Whys Training - Disorganized Practice.pptx (826020)

Homework - Write a summary of a project or PROBLEM you have either worked with, or imagine you might be involved in sometime in the future, that could benefit from a five-why approach. Write a short script of possible questions and imaginary answers, showing progress in complex problem solving. DUE FRIDAY April 3rd at MIdnight! Give it your best shot. If you can't do all the why's go as far as you can. There is an example, in the slides, in the BeWell Case of a possible Q and A set.

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