Week 10 - Manage Quality and Manage Risks

10/27/2018 20:13

PMs derive authority from their competence and a healthy belief in themselves. This article, recently published, describes what you can do now to help manage your reputation in exactly the direction you want it to go.

How does a PM prepare to manage quality? We’ll be pulling everything we’ve emphasized so far, from charter, to organizational process assets, to policies and procedures, etc. In our discussions here, we’ve been talking directly to points made in PMBOK Sixth edition, and relating them to the ten Knowledge Areas (or KAs). 

We want to avoid approaching all projects with a quick jump to planning and implementation; if we do, quality suffers.

Assignments and Resources

How might you rank as a leader? This article from Inc discusses how Google evaluates leadership.  It also contains interesting sub-links to help you understand current views on leadership. Note that management IS leadership, and vice versa in this view. If you have aspirations, the time to think about your leadership capacity is now.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cq22U4k5Ecg – illustrates the benefit of having PMBOK fully explained as you work with it, in the event you are planning to take a PMI exam. There will be elements of this on your final. 

Read: Project Quality Management.docx (13,2 kB): What The PM is Responsible to Do

Read: 489quality-Updated.pptx (371865) << Quality Review Basics You Need to Know

MGMT 489E Ishikawa Diagram.pdf (422,2 kB) <<

Ishikawa Challenge.pptx (783305)

When Improvements Are Necessary:Improvement Modeling for Quality Enterprise Enhancements (2).pptx (62417)









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