Week 1: The Fun Begins - Imagine Your PM Future

08/27/2019 13:16

An amusing example of what we can learn from PM in the Construction Arena! Kudos to my former student for putting this together. Project Management - What Construction Ex Reveals (1).pptx (1855434)


We are going to discuss the results of our research efforts Wednesday, and by Friday, we will have discussed the many ways we can hone into our perceived futures as PMs. The path is different for everyone. Without a vision as to how you might express your PM abilities at work, or in a profession, you might not find a good fit - or at least one that really satisifes you, for all the work you put into becoming good at this specialty. 

Below you will find many paths to explore in terms of uncovering your preferences. I have taken many such tests during my career, and all pointed in a similar direction. One in particular taught me something about myself that changed my life.

That said, NO TEST is a be-all, end-all guide to self knowledge. You still need to try things, challenge yourself, sometimes fail, etc. However, when trying to plan a course for your career, it really helps to understand as fully as possible your own "raw data" - strengths, gifts, skills, attitudes, personality. That's where these self knowledge tools come in.

I put a few tools in the green box below, but here's some reference material on how today's companies are dealing with ensuring the right "fit" for teams, leaders, and managers.  I'm including a lot of the Insights model, because it is currently enjoying wide use today. This does not supercede insights from Strengthsfinders or similar tools - all insight is good. This is definitely the trend du jour.

As with Strengthsfinders, this tool also helps you relate to those are not like you are. 




Here's a description of the Discovery Insights Model, used currently in place of Strengthsfinders in many global organizations. It's also considered a leadership coaching tool. 
Discovery Traits Analysis - Bring This in Wednesday SEPT 4 after you take it
Try this very quick game you can play several times, to see where this leads you in terms of insight into yourself. Use this to hone in on what your preferences appear to be. Do you agree?

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