Upcoming Longer Quiz

10/13/2015 20:06

 I am not sure exactly what day it will be yet, but within the next few weeks there will be a CAPM type quiz that encompasses the basics of much of what we have discussed. While there is cross-over in some of the knowledge areas, I will try to keep it as limited as possible to questions pertaining to Project Integration Management, The Process Groups, Quality, Communication, and HR. I believe the expectation that you will be able to address the basics is a fair assumption.  If you reviewed PMBOK as we worked through this class, so far there is no reason you should not do well, especially if you did well in prior classes.

I may have you take these in pairs, but not in groups, so you would be working with a new partner. I will let you know. In the meantime, please keep up with your PMBOK reviews, or, at the very least, the KA/ITTO documents you have been given as a resource as a supplement to class discussions.

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