Time is Short - Here's a Gameplan

04/23/2016 20:54

Monday April 25, you can have half an hour of class time to assure your presentations are ready to go. If a switch is in order, then you can negotiate trading times with other teams at that time.

In order to fully support those planning to sit for the CAPM exam, I will be going through additional slides to help with key knowledge areas we have yet to cover. Plus - the review is also beneficial to all project managers, because procurements, people, and communication are going to be a key part of your career moving forward. But we will also be doing presentations and simulations as time permits.

Finally, if we do not get through a given slide deck, I will put them in the slide tab for your review. To pass CAPM testing successfully, refer to your text for this class, plus the material here. You will not only pass, you will be uniquely prepared and credentialed to join the ranks of professional project managers.

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