The Problem with the Publisher's Start-Up From a Project MGT Perspective

04/09/2017 15:05

Recently you analyzed a specific problem at a growing business. The problems represented could basically be ascribed to any project. Monday we will discuss it. I'll hand out the submissions I received. Generally, most of you provided well-thought out responses. Tomorrow, for 15 points, we discuss it and be sure to frame it in a PM context. This reinforces the difference in thought/action between general management approaches and PM responsibilities, and it is important - albeit a fine point.

Later, we will pick up SCRUM basics as you will find it helpful. On Friday I received a call from a recruiter I have dealt with in the past regarding potential placement of one of our Chico State PM students. She she appreciates is that what we teach here within the Management deppt. is non-IT applications, because it's "the people" that are so often the issue. 

SCRUM and its many variations can help us with real tools and approaches most anywhere. 

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