The First Week - Plan & Study Guide

08/11/2018 13:06

Please note that anything we do not get to in the first week, will carry into the next! 

  • Crash Course in PM Creativity!
  • We'll discuss the challenges of finding the PM job we most want to have, and how to circumvent the challenges
  • We'll discuss what each of you feels they most want/need from the class. 
  • I'll provide context on how to ensure a successful career future; we'll look at future trends in PM
  • What about credentialing?
Monday Reading Assignment: On finding your first project management job.  Be prepared to discuss Wednesday.

Wednesday Reading assignment:

In PM, it's desireable in most settings to project an image of intelligent competence. But high intelligence in women is not always given the credibility it deserves. We'll discuss the challenge here.

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