Summary of Last Week & The Week Ahead

01/28/2017 20:11

Our first week, we reviewed the expectations made of PMI regarding knowledge required to pass a PMI exam. We heard first hand from Evan, who passed the CAPM. There's nothing like the voice of experience. I reviewed material under the tab on our web site, that I will always have available to those who wish to prepare. There are many sample questions. If you have the prep book for this class, you should be able to pass the CAPM if you take time to study. Evan studied during the winter break, and it paid off.

This week, I am going to take you through some of the processes for a project. Fortunately, PMI has a very realistic view of what we should be doing during the course of a project, so it is useful reinforcement.

You'll approach the challenge of preparing to make early phase decisions - expect to spend time in groups for a few days working through an extended "sorting out" phase. I'll provide a handout you are to keep for your ongoing reference, as you work through how to begin working with a sponsor you will find challenging.

This week, expect "points days."  Friday will be a brief assessment, about ten multiple choice. It will be worth 30 points.


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