Study Every Update Here to Prepare for Your Final - These Updates Take Us To The END

03/18/2017 20:31

You seem to be are doing well. From now until the end of the class, I will focus on areas that you will need to thoroughly understand, whether or not you plan to take the CAPM exam.

--How to ensure effectiveness in your team - there is still a bit more to delve into. I'll show you a few techniques, and we will do an activity.

--Understanding Risks From the Start - Applying scales to risk management

--Communications - Easy to Take for Granted

--What is Quality, Really? What Every Strategic PM Needs to Know to Drive Business Today

--Procurement - What you do not know can really hurt.

--Start Thinking About Project Closure Well Before the project Ends

We'll also apply ourselves to the analysis of case studies to highlight key learning.

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