Sharp, Focused, Ready to Work

02/24/2018 12:31

The application of any skill or tool is an opportunity to learn something. To distinguish themselves in a world of failed projects, today's PMs--especially those without a wealth of professional experience--need to demonstrate adept use of time, and willingness to learn. This requires focus, and the ability to convey a sense that you're "all in." 

This week we'll be working on new perspectives in process analysis, and the art of searching for, defining, and including any and every element of a successful deliverable. This capacity is an indispensable part of your project plan. In early phases, your understanding of process mechanics informs scope detail, as it is influenced by those details as they continue to emerge. It's not as mysterious as it sounds, and is essential in a world where all too many so-called project leaders grow impatient or lose focus.

That's your great opportunity in the PM patient and focused. That attention will reward you in terms of good grades and in your selected profession.

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