Quiz - CAPM Prep

09/14/2015 15:00

I am happy to say many of you got 50 points without the accommodation of the 5 points for knowledge of the processes. We will discuss. Please bring your project documents for the actual project to classes in the future, as from time to time I will assign an exercise related to those projects, for points. Also please bring a copy of the charter. 

For your further study, I have placed a pdf of PMBOK in your toolkit. Whether you are using your own hard copy or the online version, please read 1) the entire table of contents. Please see how PMBOK is organized, and  notice that the 10ka or "ITTO" document I had you copy condenses a lot of PMBOK info into a relative few pages.

Homework: Please review section 3.2, Project Management Processes. Wednesday we will talk about them a bit. This is a project management fundamental that you need to understand, especially if you are sitting for a PMI exam. If you are using the online version, scroll down, using not the page numbers of the book, but the guide to the right of the screen, and you will find 3.2 beginning at "78". Type it in the box at the top of the page. Otherwise it's PMBOK page 52.

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