PMBOK - What's New and What do PMI Exam Takers Need to Know?

01/01/2018 15:18

PMPs and trainers are currently reviewing and summarizing changes to prepare guides for those planning to take CAPM/PMP exams. I have highlighted sections of Harwinder Singh's notes on the attached document, that you should be aware of. Even if you have already passed the CAPM, it makes sense to keep up on changes so you can more readily earn the PMP should you decide to do so. 

H. Singh PMBOK Change Summary.docx (22714)

I also spent a good deal of time on break looking through the new PMBOK. This will be a bit repetitive, but will make an excellent cross reference for you if you want to sit for the exam with confidence:

What are the major changes to the PMP.docx (20796)

Interested in a PMP? Refer to this section of the PMI guide to certification: . It will tell you what is expected in terms of documenting hours (p 8) and yes, you will be "backfilling" so - see the sheet I created below, which I will also discuss in class. 

Project Tracking Sheet.docx (13096)


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