Operational Savvy vs. Political Astuteness in PM

02/04/2016 12:29

This is from Are You Ready For Project Leadership? - the article link is on our homepage just above my name. The authors are from a world-class school of management. Please read the article (if you are ready for project leadership.)

(S)ome newly-assigned project leaders can have a tendency to focus too narrowly on technical matters, failing to consider the interpersonal and political relationships so essential to the project’s successful delivery. We have heard innumerable tales of woe from technically-oriented project managers who were taken by surprise when dissatisfied or under-represented stakeholders seemed to come from nowhere to derail the projects they thought were swimming along so well. And then, of course, there are the project leaders who put so much effort into the politics of the situation that they are blindsided by technical challenges they had not anticipated. Project success requires the project leader to adopt a cognitive perspective that attends to both political-interpersonal and technical dimensions.

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