How to Recall the Project Management KA's

01/25/2016 13:30

Here is an article describing 6 ways to memorize the KAs.

Try one of the techniques, or make up your own. Memorizing these are key exam aids. Besides that, it is empowering. Here is a real wrold example. You hear people talking about a project they want to undertake. You listen and begin to list the KAs: Scope, time, cost, etc. Most everything that is said in the beginning phase of a project should cover the 10 bases (integration is not crucial at the start, though - except to be thinking generally about how to set up a method to manage the project.)

Think about this - what KA should NOT or need NOT be considered for a given project? Maybe you don't need to pay equal attention to all - but at least consider each on in relation to the project before you dismiss it. 

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