"Houston, We Have a Project" - START HERE

01/21/2017 15:13

First - a big welcome to you all. I love Project Management, and though I have held many titles - National Account Manager, Business Solutions Manager, Director, CEO - I promise you it's my ability to manage projects, meet quality standards, deliver results, and document and account for those results with team support that's helped me achieve my professional (and many personal) goals.

Check this section on a laptop or desktop a day or so prior to every class to ensure you keep up with the pace. We'll kick off the first class becoming familiar with this, your website, and with one another's understanding of what today's PM is, and aspires to be. 

As a certified PM, one of my goals is to be involved in as many projects as possible as a team member. Please assist me with this important project, now in its beta-testing phase- learning your names! Our team is working with cognition enhancement exercises designed to help with memorization. Will it work? We'll find out! By Wednesday, please have followed the simple directions on this document. On Wednesday, we will be discussing further - and there will be a little lesson for us all :-).

ffINSTRUCTIONS.docx (20767)

Additional Homework--by our next meeting, please take a peek into every tab on this site. 

I'm glad you're here.

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