HBR and The Art of the Question

02/14/2018 13:00

"In today’s 'always on' world, there’s a rush to answer. Ubiquitous access to data and volatile business demands are accelerating this sense of urgency. But we must slow down and understand each other better in order to avoid poor decisions and succeed in this environment. Because asking questions requires a certain amount of vulnerability, corporate cultures must shift to promote this behavior. Leaders should encourage people to ask more questions, based on the goals they’re trying to achieve, instead of having them rush to deliver answers. In order to make the right decisions, people need to start asking the questions that really matter."


If youy missed the resolution of the G2G case, please seek out the insight of someone who was present. Only targeted questioning enabled the PM to understand the issues that lay beneath the CEO's request, enabling them to proceed with a project that looked very different from the one presented.


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