Week 6: G2G, Continued

09/30/2018 13:52

Last week was busy, as many attended the job fair and we focused on job-winning strategies. We addressed the "tell me about a failure" question, and discussed presenting as a leader-with-portfolio. 

We return to G2G, in order to mine the value of our many questions, and most importantly, our careful review of the case. If you find yourself stymied, try elements of the following:

Consider the creative elements required in complex project approaches. This MIT Video was created in the gaming department, but they might as well be talking about ANY Project Management! 

If You-re Puzzled, Try The Charter Approach.docx (66939)

Review this HBR article, Note the Four Types of Questions and Apply to the Case.

We'll try another case later this week. Remember, don't make it complicated at the start. Start basic, ask questions, study the case, consider it, and build out from there. Oh, and remember Project Stakeholder Management - there are plenty of sample templates around. This one is simplest:



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