Friday: Short Assessment and Continuing the Situation Study

02/01/2017 20:26

This 2015 Harvard Business Review article highlights the lost art of asking questions. It also descrbes types of inquries. In the past several years, as professional PMs have been focused on the gap between failed and successful projects, one thing has become clear: In our "Get it Done" culture, we too often fail to ask enough questions BEFORE planning.

 Those paying close attention to our situational study in progress know that we are asking all of these kinds of questions, and in the process uncovering more and more information to help us either plan the project with the sponsor's stated deliverable, or negotiate for what we have uncovered as an actually achievable deliverable. 

There is no template that serves us here. If anyone would like to try to use one, bring it in and we can all see if it works. My thought is that for now, a template approach is too much planning too soon. We are in the initation aspect of PM Integration. Our best tools are questions, and we will work our way to a draft charter.

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