Friday: Prepare for the Stress Interview

04/25/2017 09:13

Please read this article.  Practice. Many competitive, large firms use a variation of the stress interview as a tool to weed out those who will not do well under pressure. I have heard (but not witnessed) of some people turning beet red, getting incoherently confused, and worse. This is an emotional reaction.  Interviewees SO want the job, and when serious roadblocks are perceived, they panic.

You can learn to avoid panic. It's a great idea anyway!  (I will also help you prepare for the very unlikely occasion that an interviewer or team pushes too far on the stress scale.)

You can read a good deal about the stress interview on the web; I recommend it. You may not find much of this in rural or outlying areas, but if your goal is in management with a large firm, especially in sales,marketing, or problem solving, you can almost expect it to some degree. You can also ace this.

BTW- there are more amusing versions of the stress interview - e.g. Google's challenges are well known for being semi-ridiculous,  consternating and true explorers embrace them. ("If you had to organize a parade to take place at the Zappo's warehouse later this afternoon, what would be its theme?") It fits: Google wants resilient, open-minded learners. 

What is a stress interview?

Stress interviews are still common in many companies. A stress interview is where the employer lines up a bunch of interviewers (one at a time or en masse) whose mission is to intimidate you.


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