Final Weeks: Adding to the Toolkit, Prepping for Final

11/16/2019 19:18

Badge Yourself!


From Kimberly: Click Here for Help Memorizing the KA's

As we near the end of the course, we'll work with some of the tools used to ensure quality in projects. We'll work on some real projects to see how far we can get in a short time; and we'll check progress on the job hunt, and questions that arise.



When Analytics Projects Fail

Review - Upholding Esential Quality Standards Improvement Modeling for Quality Enterprise Enhancements.pptx (62406)

The JPA Project

Ultimate guide to mindmapping

Mindmapping your confusion - Mind Maps for Complex Project Orientation (1).pptx (883030)

Forcefield Analysis (1).pptx (517040)      version: ICF Change Force Field Analysis.xlsx (14379)

MGMT 489E Ishikawa Diagram.pdf (432295)

Best tool! Copy of Copy of fishbone-cause-and-effect-diagram (1).xlsx (24161)

Ishikawa Challenge.pptx (783297)

Agile Detail Agile vs Waterfall PM.pptx (645177) 

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