Distinguish Yourself as a Project Manager

09/01/2015 11:21

With knowledge of your strengths and coaching surrounding how to “own” them, you have powerful tools in your toolbox. One challenge of professional Project Management has always been, and will continually be, differentiating project management skills to people - colleagues and hiring managers-- who do not quite understand how unique and valuable a skill set Project Management is.

So, you will need to know how to articulate its value. Here, The Project Management Institute may help. First, read and absorb:

The PMI Definition of What a PM is and Does

In interviews, casual meeting places, and elevators, you may be asked about how your PM skills relate to anything. If you study PM enough, you will find answers, but in the meantime, prepare yourself with a 30 second “elevator pitch.” This should open the conversation enough so that you can then begin to answer questions that arise as a result of your pitch.

Wednesday, armed with your Strength Dossiers, we are going to choose teams and work with telling one another – in these or words like them –

Project managers are specifically trained to deliver targeted project results within budget and on-time. They manage project processes from planning to closure.  

My top strengths are ____________________and ________________________. Applied to the management of projects, this means_______________________________.

Example: “My top strengths according to the Strengthsfinder instrument are Connectedness and Strategic thinking. Applied to my management of projects, all possible resources, risks, and metrics are carefully managed throughout a given project's lifestyle. My strategy strength virtually ensures nothing is wasted and every opportunity is optimized.”

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