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01/26/2017 13:08

Someone in our class has passed the CAPM! We'll ask him for his insights. How did he do that? What resources helped? Let's find out!

Here's a little something to know in terms of PM terminology. On the homepage, I have listed common fields in which PMs routinely practice.

There are called, in PM-speak, "Applications."

In real-world settings, some PMs are generalists; others focus on specific areas such as:
Organizational Development
Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
Construction Management
Engineering & Architecture 
Regulatory and Quality Compliance
Information Technology & IT Transfer Systems
Alliance Formation and Portfolio Integration
Business and Market Development
Communication across Constituent Groups
Defense and Aeronautics
Logistics, Transport and Supply Chains
Hospitality, Arts, Media, Event Management
International Development

Here's my thoughts from the homepage - take note.

In general, students should be able to function in any industry domain  upon graduation. 


Project management is an art, a science, and a practice. A PM student will learn to appreciate the beauty of analysis and the elegance of precision.


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