CAPM Students: Know of Models Besides Classic Charters That Orgs Use Pre-Launch

02/18/2016 12:24

The Charter we are working through this week will be very helpful in most any project, such as those we are working on in class. But it's crucial to understand other models that are out there if you are taking the PMI exam. Page 134 of your Prep Text introduces you to the concepts involved in the "pre-charter" phase of projects, which focus less on narrative and more on metrics. I won't be testing you on this in class. But to prepare for CAPM, you will need to understand the basics of various decision making tools that larger organizations may use when choosing one project over another to invest in. And you will learn that PM slang for project selection/steering committees are "Murder Boards." :-) I like this author - he tells it like it is!

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