10 Point Activity - Due Friday

01/22/2018 14:14

It's a bit early for most of you to be able to confidently describe what kind of PM you are, but by now, you probably have a vision of what excites you and/or intimidates you a little (if anything).

Mostly for fun, but definitely for ten points,(no late submissions)  take this very short quiz that asks a few questions and spits out the PM "type" you are. (If it helps, project yourself into the future to answer the questions as if you were a working pro.) There are no correct/incorrect answers - unlike PMBOK. Reply as you wish.

At the last frame, after you have answered the questions, the program will tell you what your results are at the top. It says: "Based on everything you've told me, I have determined that your PM type is______" YOU DO NOT NEED TO GIVE THEM AN EMAIL FOR A FULL REPORT, ETC. JUST GET THE RESULT.

For example, my quiz results indicate I am an "innovative" progect manager.

Put your name on a small piece of paper and write the result you got. Bring this Friday to turn in, so we can discuss your result, and address the topic of when and where such labels can help you - and where they are limited.

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