Final Proj Teaching Options

This section will contain a growing list of topics developed, in part, by you. Project Management excellence depends upon PMs to consider themselves as educators, too. Your group of 4 or fewer may select, and I will reserve, a topic for you to address, for ~ 20 minutes.
--Techniques for better communication
--An in-depth look at Slack, Workday, Basecamp, or other (you will need to test the options, and qualify your opinion based on your experiences thus far.)
--A detailed post mortem on a project that could have been better, following a robust "lessons learned" model and closing document
--Your team finds and prepares a working PM to present to the class on an important, current topic and answers questions
--Your team analyzes the workings of a completed project (of any type) and present findings (what was done well, what wasn't) based on the PMBOK knowledge areas.
--Your team analyzes one another as PMs based on your experiences with each other, and with raw honesty, describes strengths, weaknesses, and POA for development
--Your Team's unique idea, based on what YOU think PMs need to understand to survive and thrive in a competitive workplace
--Your team identifies a project completed by a family or friendship connection, and views it through the lens of the ten Knowledge Areas