By Popular Request

1. "I wish I understood Gantt charts better."
In this class, we will address the power of visualization methods. In the meantime, here is great resource for making sense of the "how, when and why" each chart is useful. 
2. "Members of my team let me down. I had too much on my plate." -- "Team chemistry was poor." -- "How do I find time to devote to my team?"
Outside the University, you may find the situation a bit easier - but then, you may find some passive aggressiveness or unfriendly competition within your team. My solution? Become fully yourself. That way, you are peerless...a popular blogger calls this talent being "unmistakeably creative," as you simply dedicate yourself to what you do, and focus sincerely and intentionally on your values and what you are about. We'll be exploring this; in the meantime here's a fine article on inititating work with a team.  
On the matter of time taken to devote to the team, I have found that people are better than they realize. If you can really "see" a person, being attentive, and that person gets the idea that they are being taken seriously as valuable, sometimes that helps them become self sufficient. Autonomous, self-sufficient people, decent people can generally be trusted, and appreciate the gift of "self-determination."
Bottom line: You are not a babysitter, not everyone can or wants to be "saved." To the best of your ability, model what you wish for in others, and work around the (hopefully) few who just will never get it.
3. "I worked within a team or culture that did not want to change. How can I support people who have a problem with this?"

Great question. I believe competent PMs can really help here. For those who are approachable (not intimidating) this can be one of the key values you can offer hiring managers. Take a look at this list of ways to help others make change. Note how many of those activities fall under the PM domain.

4. I need help writing an outstanding cover letter.
Take your time to craft it. Be respectful but don't gush with enthusiasm. Here are two great resources for you to peruse - and really take your time studying them, because a great cover can make all the difference. 1- Fantastic examples and why they work  and 2 - Best Cover Letter Examples.docx (501623)   Embrace the challenge!