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04/18/2020 17:55

Practicum Assignment

BY the way, at most, I will create a short open notes assessment to take the place of a formal Final. Depending on what you turn in for the following, it may not be needed. I would rather spend the time discussing submission results for the following.  This assignment is due no later than...
04/11/2020 11:44

Week 13 (I think) - Review and Study for Upcoming Assignment

Hi all!  First, please open and read the document below, highlighting a few illustrative exchanges between me and those who put a lot of thinking into their KA assignment. Points of Note in the Pandemic Exercise for PM.docx (19841)  I am still working through many, so hang in there...
04/03/2020 13:21

Week 12 - Project Risk Management & MORE

Assignment: Due April 10 - Note in Subject Line 489e "If The Pandemic Were a Project and I Was the PM Advisor" 1. First, review the documentation below, about project Risk Management. 2. Then, consider the 10 KAs. 3. After each KA - ( do not attempt integration - see below) - list how each one is...
03/28/2020 11:10

Week 11 - Where to Start in Project Analytics + New Assignment

Please don't forget the submission due this Friday, April 3rd, described at the bottom of this section. Please put 489e Submission 4-3 in the subject line. Feel free to do as a team or group. Keep reviewing your grade in case of errors on my part. Good work on tackling the case of the...
03/19/2020 12:57

When Chaos Hits, What Do PMs Do? - ASSIGNMENT

First, I'm so sorry you all have this stuff to deal with on top of the usual.  Fortunately I'm confident we can find a way to give youthe experiences you need to hone your skills. When classes are technically "back in session in an entirely unplanned for way", have a look at the following...
03/11/2020 10:28

No in person classes March 13-24

Stay tuned for updates via csu chico email! Be well.
03/06/2020 16:06

Week 8 - Team Shakeup and Situational Analysis

This week, the Mid-Term happens Wednesday.  Bring an eraser and pencit - I supply the rest. Monday we do an exercise, followed by an analysis that we will dissect more thoroughly upon our return from break.  NOTE: if you are absent Monday, you will miss out on a 20 point activity. 
02/21/2020 15:38

Weeks 6 & 7 : The Art of Assessing Complex Project Proposals: Where to Next?

This week we will examine a case that represents the challenge of devising an approach to project initiation. You will consider notes from an initial meeting, which I will give you, and then decide if your team will accept the challenge, and under what conditions. If you decline to go forward,...
02/18/2020 18:59

Essential Nature of the KAs

KAs represent the core technical processes underlying projects. You did good work digging into the case you examined, which we will be discussing Wednesday. Next week we will start "doing discovery" a case - a project proposal- that will use virtually all the skills you have honed thus...
02/10/2020 18:25

Your Assignment for the day I will be absent (Feb 17)

Assignment:  February 18th is the Deadline for the Deliverable, BUT You Can Submit Earlier via email at with the subject line 489e Analysis.  No credit for late submissions. 1) Watch the video below Just a Routine Operation is a video that is clearly “about” one...

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